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PetSprouts-bag-smallWe offer high quality, chemical-free, non-GMO wheatgrass seed that grow into tall and tasty, nutrient-rich grass that your pets are sure to love. Grown in the USA without the use of pesticides or chemicals, our wheat seed is superior quality, having an almost 100% germination rate and is backed by our Sprout Guarantee.

Our wheatgrass is easy to grow and offers your pet many benefits. One such benefit is the wealth of vitamins and minerals (over 90) in the wheatgrass including vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, iron, Pet Sprouts Catcalcium, magnesium, and amino acids to name a few. It also contains B vitamins, including B3 and B12, which help to boost your pet’s metabolism, strengthen their immune system, stimulate the nervous system, help prevent anemia, lower the risk of pancreatic cancer, and help your pet maintain a healthy and skin and coat. Additionally, wheatgrass acts as a natural digestive support and laxative for your pet, breaking down constipation culprits, such as hairballs in cats.

So, get started today and order your all-natural Pet Sprouts! Your pet will thank you!